Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are essential. Fortunately, eye exams are typically painless and can help ensure that your vision and ocular health are not compromised.

Initially, you will be evaluated in our pre-testing area. First, your visual acuity will be tested. Your current glasses prescription will then be assessed. If you choose to have a picture of your retina taken with our Optos machine (Optomap), it will be performed in the pretesting area. The Optomap is a sophisticated imaging system that allows us to image your retina in high detail without having to dilate your pupils.

If you do need a contact lens prescription or glasses, a refraction test will be performed to determine your exact prescription. A test on eye muscles, pupils and peripheral vision will be performed and then your eyes will be carefully examined by Dr. Coates.  A glaucoma test is also performed during the exam. Your Optomap image is reviewed on our exam room computer and discussed with you or alternatively, a dilated retinal exam is completed.

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