Christie Coates, MD is a dedicated, well-trained ophthalmologist who cares for each patient and their individual needs.  Dr. Coates has state-of-the-art equipment at Ridgefield Ophthalmology so that each aspect of your appointment is performed with the ultimate precision and care.  All of patients’ eye care needs are handled in this supportive and technologically advanced environment.

We are proud of our electronic medical records system. We have a virtually paperless, environmentally friendly practice.

In our pre-testing area, we have sophisticated equipment to help ensure accurate and comprehensive eye exams. Our autorefractor and lensmeter are highly advanced pieces of equipment. Also included in our pre-testing area is an Optos, a retinal imaging machine that allows for high quality digital retinal exams without dilation of patients’ pupils.

Our exam area is electronically integrated with our pre-testing equipment through our office network. Our brand new refractive system allows Dr. Coates to make sophisticated measurements for generating glasses and contact lens prescriptions.

Our testing area includes a Humphrey visual field machine, which allows for accurate glaucoma and ptosis screening as well as maculopathy testing.

Minor surgeries are performed in-office. For the convenience of her patients throughout the Fairfield and Westchester County areas, Dr. Coates operates and performs more involved procedures at both the Ridgefield Surgical Center and Greenwich Hospital. Both of these institutions are technologically advanced and are proud to offer cutting-edge equipment in a pleasant and supportive atmosphere.

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